Jane Gural-Senders

Executive Director

Jane Gural-Senders is the Executive Director of 230 Fifth Avenue New York MarketCenter™. Bringing with her many years of expertise in real estate, Mrs. Senders has helped transform 230 Fifth

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Harvey L. Richer

Director of Leasing
E-mail at:

Harvey Richer has served as the Director of Leasing at 230 Fifth Avenue New York MarketCenter™ for over fifteen years. Mr. Richer began his career in commercial real estate in

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Violet Cauchi

Executive Assistant

Violet joined 230 Fifth Avenue in 2021 as an executive assistant, where she assists with leases, reports, and budgets; shows showrooms spaces to potential tenants; manages and tracks collections; and

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Jeffrey LeStyne

Building Superintendent

Jeffrey LeStyne began his career at 230 Fifth Avenue in March of 2019 as building superintendent. Mr. LeStyne is certified in electric, plumbing, locksmithing, and universal refrigeration. He is also

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